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Stable Quality, On-time delivery & Reasonable price


Our affiliate company is a specialty manufactory since 1979 that make specialty high quality of loudspeakers and source relative spare parts including voice coil, cone, wiring-sets, etc.

Our loudspeakers are of great use in the field of communication, public announce systems, alarm systems, car and truck sounder, and home electrics etc.

We are an OEM, ODM manufactory of some famous brand of USA, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Middle East and Japan.  Our products have 80% for export.  The rest of 20% is indicated by automobile manufacturer in Taiwan for its car alarm speakers since 1994.  Due to our efforts in upgrade our quality and R&D abilities in satisfying the needs of users.  In the year of 1998, our P.A. system series became a stable, huge producing on our assemblies' line.

Operating concept:
The request of customer is our priority consideration and to do our best.
The suggestions of employee are our first value; there are no frame limit in our employees at assemblies line by actively sustain with others if any one need helps.  In our factory we always keep the freely flowing to line up with each one by discussing together.

We give full authorization under the humanity administration.  Our training is master to apprentice for each product according to the IQC, online QC, and QA request.  Beside of his own specific duty everyone should also know the full Q.C.points of online products.

By this total quality control (TQC) with full testing every practiced employees is able to reach a highly content in quality and service for online products that are maintaining a good long-term mutual relationship with out business partners for over 20 years so far.  We understand that only make the most benefits for users we all can have a better tomorrow.

Coming plan:
Since there are over 85% loudspeaker manufacturers were moved to mainland China or Southeast Asia to look for cheap raw materials and labors, we have to upgrade our products basic on A+ class material, components to meet the demand of hi-tech communication field and continually to open up and develop new products of special design for users.  Diversification products relation to speakers will be our coming R&D target.


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