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Air conditioner drainage hose Automobiles industry Exhaust of dust Protection pipe for electrical wires
Wire protection pipes in machinery  Flexible corrugated pipes have numerous
 applications. There are unlimited possibilities 
 because of design flexibility which the design
 system, allows. Flexible corrugated pipes  are
 manageable, easily installed, light-weight 
 and most of all, they can be produced quickly.

 Corrugated Pipe Flexible, easy to install, light-
 weight and widely applicative.
Materials used
 in product.
To include PA. (Nylon) PE.PP.etc.
Properties 1. Lightweight, flexible. 2. Resist kinds 
 of chemicals. 3. High electrical properties, durable
 & economical. 4. Semblance gorgeous, thickness
 average. 5. Made from fire-resistant Nylon (PA) 6.
 High mechanical strength and pressure resistant.
Vacuum clean hose
Washing M/C drainage hose Protection pipe for streetlight wires
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