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         Manufacturer of: Extruded & oriented plastic netting, tubing, Flexible Corrugated Pipes. Containment, reinforcement and separation applications are highlighted in agricultural, aquaculture, home furnishing, construction, packaging, OEM and industrial markets. Please click on the above of [Plastic Netting] [Engineering] [PVC mesh]

Manufacture of: Flexible corrugated pipes have numerous applications. There are unlimited possibilities because of design flexibility, which the designing system, allows. Flexible corrugated pipes are manageable, easily installed, light-weight (considering size) and most of all, they can be produced quickly. Please click on the above of [Pipe]

The affiliate products: CB Speaker, Horn Speaker, Sirens and Electronic Siren, Flat Panel Speakers, Mylar Cone Speaker, Hi-Fi System Speaker. Please click on the above of [Speaker]

Specializing in making netting and nets products.


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