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 Cosmos Web Co., Ltd.
 No. 20, Aly,18, Ln.174,
 Huaide St., Banqiao Dist.,
 New Taipei City 22045,

 Fax: 886-2-2252-2990
 Tel: 886-2-2253-1290

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 VAT Registration: 16322180

    Cosmos Web Co Ltd (TANET) is a netting
  manufacture, specializing in making netting products.
  To established for engaged in technically development
  and manufacture varieties of extruded square mesh
  plastics netting and
diamond mesh plastic netting and
  hexagon plastic netting and
plastic corrugated pipe.
  Aim at these territories to meet marketing needs. We
  have developed a wide range of specialized netting
  products to the Agriculture netting & Horticulture
  netting, Aquaculture netting, Air & Water Filtration
  netting, Soil Conservation netting, Civil Engineering
  netting, Non-woven netting and Underwear industries
  netting all that has now already widely spread

    For providing the best material, we have imported the
  best automation machine equipments from Europe,
  Japan, and USA. With good engineer teams to design
  mould and established stability product lines. Till now,
  we were continuing to research and continuing
  development for creating new products.

    Along with our growing extend that our affiliate
  companies will also offers you the related industry
  materials such as geogrid nets, weave and knitted
  nets, PVC mesh, speakers. We hope that you will 
  found the useful information on our website and be
  services to you.

    Let our professional of experiences working for you.